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The first time that you use IdentityCheck you will be asked to reconfirm your agreement to IdentityCheck's End User License Agreement.


To continue, click "I Agree To These Terms and Conditions", and you will be transferred to the Search Screen.

Front Page

The IdentityCheck application contains three sections, which can be selected by the icons on the bottom of the main screen:

• the SEARCH screen
(the main screen for data entry
and Report viewing)

• the ACCOUNT screen
(shows remaining credits and
in-app purchases)

• the HELP screen
(the file that you are now viewing)


For the most accurate and comprehensive results, you should enter all information available for the subject, including Name, Address, Telephone Number and Date of Birth (or approximate Age). Remember that results are based entirely on your input criteria.

If you do not have complete information for your subject, then enter whatever is available. IdentityCheck is very forgiving and will process your search if even one main field is completed - i.e. a Name or a Telephone Number.

For convenient and error-free data entry, each main search field will expand to its individual components.

"Enter Name" will expand to First Name and Last Name fields:

Enter Name

'Enter Address" will expand to Street Address, City, State and Zip Code fields.
check-note NOTE: when entering the "State" please use the the standard two letter U.S. Postal Service abbreviation (i.e. "NY" for New York).

Enter Address

"Enter Phone" allows for entry of the subject's land-line or cellular telephone number. A numeric keypad will appear to allow for convenient data entry.

Enter Phone

"Enter D.O.B." allows for entry of the subject's complete Date of Birth. Rolling calendar dials are provided to ensure precise data entry.

Enter DOB
check-note NOTE: if you are unsure of the subject's exact Date of Birth, but can approximate the subject's age, then click on the "Age" option and you will be switched to an "Enter Age" screen where the subject's approximate age can be entered with a numeric keypad.

Enter Age

After entering each segment of information to be searched, press the blue "Save" button in the upper right of the individual input screens.

Once you have entered all available information, press the blue "Search" button located on the upper right corner of the IdentityCheck screen, and your search will be processed.

run me

note-check NOTE: as your search is processing you will see the IdentityCheck logo and a message confirming that processing activity is underway.



The IdentityCheck Report contains a number of separate sections

check-note NOTE: the sections that appear in a Report, and the information contained in those sections, are influenced by the search data that you enter.

• Confirmation of Input Data:

At the beginning of the Report your input data is repeated for confirmation purposes.

input summary

• Quick Verification Summary:

The next section of the Report will advise if IdentityCheck has been able to confirm that all of the input data matches your subect's Name, and also whether or not the Address and Telephone fields, and the Name and Telephone fields, match each other.

If two fields match, a green checkmark will be shown, along with the message "FULLY MATCHED".

If fields are not shown in our systems as matching, a red x-mark will be shown, along with the message "NOT MATCHED".

If no information is available in our systems for input data, a red warning circle will be shown, along with the message "UNCONFIRMED".

matching report

In the example above:

- the input Name and Address data could not be matched due to missing information;

- the input Name and Phone data was shown as fully matched (the Telephone Number was believed to be listed under the input Name);

- the input Address and Phone data was shown as not matching (the telephone number was believed to be not installed at the input address);

- the input Name and D.O.B. were shown as fully matched (a Name and a matching Date of Birth were found by our systems).

• Registered Sex Offenders*:

Your input criteria is processed through a national database of registered sex offenders, current as of the date shown, and a list of up to fifty (50) possible matches is provided to you. Each matching record can then be expanded to show complete name, address, offenses and a photograph (data provided as available; some jurisdictions not covered).

(Please see IMPORTANT MESSAGE at the end of this page.)


• Criminal Records*:

Your input criteria is processed through a national database of criminal records, current as of the date shown, and a list of up to fifty (50) possible matches is provided to you. Each matching record can then be expanded to show complete name, address, offenses and a photograph (data provided as available).

(Please see IMPORTANT MESSAGE at the end of this page.)


• Possible Associated Subjects:

This section of the Report will provide information on Persons, Addresses and Telephone Numbers shown by our systems as cross-referenced with your input search data.

Trace 1
Trace 2

The Person trace section (designated by a person icon) will show records identified as cross-referenced by your subject's name, first within the input State, and then Nationwide.

The Address trace section (designated by a house icon) will show records identified as cross-referenced by the input address.

The Telephone trace section (designated by a telephone icon) will show records identified as cross-referenced by the input telephone number.

Up to twenty-five (25) records are provided for each of the Person, Address and Telephone Number sections.

Each summarized listing can be selected, and expanded to a complete record, at no extra charge.


Any expanded listing can be Called (if you are searching using an iPhone, and not an iPod or iPad), Added to Contacts, or individually searched for additional Enhanced Criminal Records (for an additional 1-credit charge).

The Enhanced Criminal Records search queries a database outside IdentityCheck's systems for possible additional registered sex offender and criminal histories.

more crim

It is therefore possible to identify up to 25 names shown as using a telephone number, up to 25 people shown as residing at an address, and up to 25 current and past addresses for your subject.

check-note IMPORTANT: omitted data entry will result in missing Report sections. (Example: if you do not enter a telephone number for a search, your report will contain no telephone number section.)

• Social Networks Search:

For this section of the Report, IdentityCheck's systems conduct a thorough search of all major social networking sites, and report possible matches to your input subject. Up to one hundred (100) possible matches are provided.

Through this metasearch, you can obtain potentially critical identification data - especially, a photograph - and useful background and activity information.

Social Networks

• Area Demographics

This section provides an extract from the most recently released U.S. Census data, showing average home values, and other local information, for your subject's address.

Census data

• Map of Input Address

At the end of every IdentityCheck Report you are provided with a street-level map of your subject's address.



The Account Information screen can be reached by selecting the "Account" icon at the bottom of the main screen (designated by a Piggy-Bank icon).

From this screen, in the "Available Credits" section, you can determine the number of search credits remaining on your device.

In the "Purchase Options" section of this screen you are provided with the ability to use Apple's in-app purchasing system to recharge your copy of IdentityCheck with additional search credits.


Problems encountered by the IdentityCheck user which could interfere with the use of this application may include:

• loss of network connection;

• no remaining search credits;

• entry of data in the wrong field;

• hardware issues.

If you have determined that none of the above issues apply to you, and you are having problems using the IdentityCheck program, we encourage you to communicate with us at:


We also invite your suggestions regarding improvement and enhancement of this application.

A response from our staff can be expected within 48 hours of our receipt of your email.

(If your email provider maintains robust SPAM filters, we urge you to "whitelist" the above address before communicating with us.)

Thank you for purchasing this application.


We have endeavored, with IdentityCheck, to create an accurate, easy to use and socially responsible method of assisting you with screening your personal and business associates. However, this application should not be considered to be anything more than a superficial first step in your fight against potential fraud and false identities.

Databases, even the most robust and comprehensive databases maintained by governmental agencies, contain a significant amount of error. For example, records contained in the NCIC criminal database maintained by the FBI are estimated to show incorrect dispositions 40% of the time. Many states' criminal databases do not correctly show convictions or acquittals, as that information was never properly reported to the state by lower-level jurisdictions. Some individuals shown in sex offender databases were in fact adjudicated not guilty and ordered removed from the database. Criminal and sex offender records should always be verified by direct contact with law enforcement and courts in the appropriate jurisdictions. (For more information on this topic, please visit our website.)

And, use of a carefully developed and well-maintained false identity can, for a time, effectively conceal a person's true character and background.

You should never take any personal or professional action based on information that you have received from an IdentityCheck search.

A professional investigation can best be conducted by a professional investigator - a skilled law enforcement officer or private investigator - and if you have serious concerns about the background or character of a person, or urgently need to locate a person, we urge you to contact a person who specializes in such activity.

We hope that this application provides you with assistance in your daily life. And, as always, we welcome your feedback.

© 2010 Bureau of Missing Persons, Inc.
All rights reserved.

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